Sunday, August 20, 2006

Salesforce to introduce new Google Adwords product

The search engine market and the related advertisement market is evaluated to billions of dollars, but there is only a limited number of solutions to analyze this market, especially for small firms.

Trying to address this problem, Salesforce is about to launch a new service that they call Salesforce for Google Adwords. The launch is programmed for Tuesday. What is this new product? It is simply a product aimed at helping small and mid-sized enterprises to track words on search engines and on Google Adwords, as well as measure purchases and so on. ROI calculations should also be included. This should help webdevelopers make the right choice both on keywords and pricing. The whole will be available for free during the first 30-day trial and then cost $300 per month.

Check it out at > Marketing Category > Search Marketing.


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